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2020 Summer Ag Institutes

2019-2020 Ag Literacy Coalition Grant Information

Ag Literacy Coalition Grant Announcements Beginning October 9th, the IAA Foundation and Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom will begin promoting County Ag Literacy Grant distribution. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness of local and statewide efforts, and connect that impact back to the need for funding. Below you will find state-wide resources that list full grant dollars awarded and overall program impact numbers. Feel free to use or share posts. Next you will find local template resources that you can customize to include your local grant dollars and local program impact numbers.

State Wide Press Release

State Wide Social Media Posts - Facebook

County Press Release Template

County Social Media Templates

GMO Power Point Lesson

Thinking Critically about Food, Farming, and Sustainability

2019-2020 Teacher Grants

Escape Box Resources

Commodity Map

Illinois Reads

2018-2019 IAITC Accomplishments Report

Editable Accomplishments Publisher File

Miscellaneous County Resources

Bloomington Hotel Accommodations

The link below contains a list of Bloomington/Normal hotels with links to each hotel’s website.